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Cancer Awareness Months
Ovarian- teal
At the HFM Cancer Center where I am employed, we monthly share cancer ribbons with staff and our cancer “thrivers”.  We also utilize the cancer awareness months as an educational opportunity by featuring the color, as well as signs and symptoms of each individual cancer on a display board.  For us it is a symbol of support and awareness of the many different cancers that afflict the people of our community.
January- Cervical Cancer- white

February- National Cancer Prevention Month- Lavender

March- Colorectal Cancer- Dark Blue

April- Testicular- Orchid
           Head/Neck- Burgundy

May- Melanoma- black
          Brain- grey
          Care-giver's color-plum
          Oncology Nurse's Month

June- National Cancer Survivor's Day- always celebrated/acknowledged the first Sunday in June. For more info visit

July- Bladder- yellow

August - There is no cancer awareness this month… “I Can Only Imagine.”

September- Gynecological Awareness Month
                      Uterine- peach
                      Ovarian- teal
                      Lymphoma- lime green
                      Liver- dark green
                      Prostate- light blue
                      Thyroid- blue, pink and teal combined

October- Breast- pink

November- Pancreatic- purple
                    Stomach- periwinkle
                    Lung- pearl

December--- A Time to Remember
Please remember all who have lost the battle, those that continue the fight and the precious present that is found in each day.  Remember the reason for the season…it’s simply Jesus!