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As a first time published author, I feel accomplished as well as an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Over the past years I have been gifted with stories that could fill another book. My book signings have been a personal invitation for me to enter the sacred space of so many people.

There’s the nurse whose husband is dying of a brain tumor…she purchased my book to read short stories to him.

There’s the mother who calls on the phone pleading for me to get two books to her, “My beautiful daughter was just diagnosed with breast cancer.”

A woman e-mailed me telling me she never believed in fate before… until now. She purchased a children’s book at a store where I was to have my first book signing and a flyer fell out of the bag. Her 14 year old nephew was just diagnosed with testicular cancer. In her email she wrote, “I have read bits of your book on your website, and I plan on being at “Book World” at 11:00 sharp to obtain this magical book that I hope will bring some joy to my brother and his family. Thank you for writing what I believe will be an inspirational book that will help him through his journey.”

Excerpts from the book have been paraphrased and used at a funeral and as part of Sunday sermon text.

At a recent book-signing at Holy Family Memorial I had a physician purchase the book for her waiting room. She loves to have the patients sign their name in it, return it, and pass it on.

I had the director of the Holy Family Memorial dietary department purchase a book for her staff to enjoy and pass it on. Repeatedly, I am hearing stories of people purchasing my book, reading it, and then “passing it on.”

Several months ago I received a phone call from a woman saying that she read my book in a day, but “I left out the chapter on loneliness.” She remembers the days when people wanted to come and visit, but she turned them away because she was too sick. Now she is sick of being lonely! In her sadness she said, “Carrying your load can be lonely.” Yet another message to be passed on.

My most recent testimonial came from a 48 year old man whose story has now ended. He shared, “I found this book to be very inspirational for me. It is a story of someone going from dying of cancer to someone living with cancer. Through faith and with the love from family and friends Mary has not allowed two diagnoses of cancer deter her from being a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, and caregiver. The book tells stories of how her battles have inspired everyone to look at life in a new way, taking positives from even the regular situations in everyday life. The book is packed with emotion and very relatable situations. No one wants to join the ‘Survivor Fraternity’, but everyone can draw from her spirit as they go through their own battle with cancer.”    Jeff Genske

Finding the "ancer" in cancer; however painful it may be~ keep your heart open to receive stories such as these.
“Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior,
who daily bears our burdens.”
Psalm 68:19
Cancer survivor won't find out answer just yet
By Sabrina Nucciarone
TC News correspondent

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