Mary E. Matthias © 2012
“Will There Be Cows in Heaven?” is a collection of stories I have gathered and nurtured over the years. The book is written from the unique dual perspective of being both a patient and a nurse with my local cancer care center. Each story, including my own, was penned with purpose. May each story gift its reader with inspiration, encouragement, and a greater sense of HOPE.    

I gave birth to “Will There Be Cows In Heaven” on January 4th, 2010. It truly was a labor of love, resulting in 7 years of story gathering, 6 months of researching the publishing industry, and 9 months of the publishing process. God Bless my birthing coach, my husband, Mark! Since my book has been released, I have sold over 2,500 books, the majority by word of mouth and out of the trunk of my car… “Jesus Take the Wheel”!

It has been a truly humbling experience to share my story, Luke’s Story (pg. 109) and the stories I have gathered. Special thanks to anyone who has gifted me with a story to tell and given me permission to give it away.

Finding the "ancer"in cancer; always remember its people that create the narrative to our stories, not places or things. People are the beginning, the middle and the end.
My Book
Stories have come to me
I have cared for them,
And now I finally give them away…
For I have learned where they are needed.

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