Will there Be Cows in Heaven?
Mary's Overture
Mary E. Matthias © 2012
It seems these days, we’re all “Googling” something…bargains, cheap seats, fashions, addresses, recipes, directions etc.  We want answers & we want them NOW. Perhaps you randomly came across my website in search of “inspirational stories of HOPE.”  Perhaps you found your way here because a recent cancer diagnosis has touched close to home.  Perhaps your search began with typing in the words “ovarian cancer.” Perhaps you were desperately searching to find an “ancer in cancer.”  Fate has obviously brought you here in search of “something.” Whatever that “something” is, my hope & my prayer are that you’ll find it here.

My name is Mary Matthias, wife of Mark, mother of Ryan and Luke, Angie and Kristin’s mother-in-law, and Oma (grandmother) to Leah, Ben, Sam, and Emily. For those of you have not experienced the Oma role in life, let me just say that it should be declared the 8th “Wonder of the World”! My second role in life is that of a nurse currently working at a Cancer Care Center. It is there that I’m humbled to gather stories on a daily basis, paving the path to my 3rd role in life…that of being a first time self-published author. Lastly, it is purely by the grace of God that I can say, "I am a two time ovarian cancer thriver.” My oncologist calls me “Miracle Mary.”

My book is titled “Will There Be Cows in Heaven?”  Finding the“ancer” in cancer.  It was written with a two-fold purpose in mind, to fulfill my mantra, “Use me and help me to make a difference.” Secondly, I was motivated by the persistence of people telling me, “You need to write a book, you have a story to tell.” Everyone has a story to tell. Together, may we give glory to our stories.

When you think of your story, what chapter sticks out in your mind? Were there times when you thought God had abandoned you, times when you questioned his answer to prayer, times when you were angry at him?  Everything that happens~ happens for a reason. Every event, whether painful or joy-filled, is a chapter in the story of our lives. There are some chapters we all would like to tear out, but it’s those chapters that fill the next ones with a greater sense of gratitude. It’s those words, those sentences, those paragraphs, those pages that you want to highlight and ear tag.  It’s where you’ll find the glory in your story.

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