Mary E. Matthias © 2012
What really defines inspiration? Certainly not Webster!  Perhaps Wikipedia will give you a more detailed definition of inspiration with examples of literary, artistic, musical, and film making creativity. Please allow me to share my definition of inspiration. Simply put, “Inspiration is what defines you!” Inspiration is designer made…unique and individual. You will find your inspiration when you find your passion.

For my husband Mark, it’s all about nature, and photography. What inspires me is the everyday ordinary, turned extraordinary. Together we share the same view master, but my creative outlet is writing and his is photography. It is what defines us as individuals.

It is my hope you will find some inspiration in our collaborative efforts together! May you sit back, look through your view master, and envision what defines you.  

"Ringing Out"... a ceremonial event to celebrate and acknowledge completion of radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy.