Mary E. Matthias © 2012
Will There Be Cows In Heaven is a compilation of stories that the author has accumulated over the years with the unique dual perspective of being both a patient and a nurse with her local cancer care center.  With a thoughtful and compelling narrative, the book shares insights and personal experiences that are laced with understanding, encouragement, and inspiration. Using language that is filled with humor and a familiarity that makes you feel as if you know each person as intimately as Mary does, Will There Be Cows In Heaven will have you laughing, crying, and most of all rejoicing in the strength and wonder of the human spirit that refuses to give up—no matter what obstacles are put before it.

To survive cancer is a miracle in and of itself.  To endure and survive it with hope and humility like the people in this book illustrate so courageously is a feat almost beyond comprehension.

In May of 1996, author Mary Matthias began a journey that would forever change the landscape of her life after being diagnosed with stage III endometrial ovarian cancer.  After undergoing extensive surgery and chemotherapy, Mary’s cancer continued its insidious spread through her internal organs. Following a second surgery, Mary was told that nothing else could be done, and that her time left on this earth was very limited.  However, despite preparations for leaving behind her family and loved ones, Mary is given the encouragement and support to sustain her instinct for survival, and with continued chemotherapy treatment she was able to beat the tremendous odds for going into remission.
“Love one another deeply, from the heart.”
1 Peter 1:22

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